Jesse Benton: “Trump Has Financial Tricks Up His Sleeve That Will Force Mexico To Pay For The Wall”

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Jesse Benton, former Mitch McConnell campaign manager and current booster of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, left a CNN panel befuddled Monday morning when he claimed that taxpayers would have to pay a dime for the border wall separating Mexico and the U.S. because the New York billionaire has several financial tricks up his sleeve.

Benton told CNN host Carol Costello and the rest of the panel that he is positive the former reality star will build the wall, even though nobody in Trump’s campaign knows how it’s going to get paid for.

“Donald Trump’s an expert on clever financing,” Benton insisted. “I’m sure he’ll have a lot of great ways to use tax credits. To use, sort of, payback programs, things like that. It’s not exactly who writes a check–”

“Tax credits?” Costello asked.  He then pointed out that the wall was going to cost close to $25 billion.

“Sure!” he cheerfully replied. “It’s not exactly about who writes the check. Instead it’s basically going to be done at no cost to the American people.”