Huckabee insists on charging ‘greedy young students’ for their education so they don’t get lazy

Photo Credit: Wikimedia CommonsPhoto Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Going back to his favorite topic on “greedy young people” wanting government help to pay for college, presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, once again, in an interview with Iowa radio host Simon Conway recently, said that he is the only person speaking “the common-sense language of the people” and that he is the only one who could drive some sense into people that, “if college education is free, they (young people) won’t appreciate it and will probably cut class”.

On being asked about voters wanting “free stuff” from the government, Huckabee responded by saying: “I think, ultimately, we have to make the case to the American people. And this is one of the reasons why I feel that I would be the best candidate, because I can speak the language of the people and explain to them that free education will only make young students lazy.”

He went on to recall an earlier incident where a young lady asked him what he would do to see that she can have free college education: “I said, ‘I would never try to get you free college, because if we gave it to you free when you were 20, you’d be paying for it when you were 30, 40 and 50, and the fact is there’s no such thing as free.’”

He added, ‘I went on to explain to her that if we gave it to you for free, you wouldn’t appreciate it, and you’d probably cut class. I’d like to give it to you in a way that if you were willing to serve your country, either in the military or some other way, we would give you credit for that and help you with your educational expenses. But rather than give it to you free, let’s ask of your generation to invest in this country and we’ll be willing to invest in you. But as far as just providing free books and free education and free everything, with $20 trillion of debt, first of all, we financially can’t do it.’