Harris Faulkner: “Hillary Never Proved That She’s Not Crooked”

Photo Credit: Flicker

The Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton was put on the spot as she was pressured to ‘’prove she’s not crooked’’ by Harris Faulkner, the Fox News host. This call came in light of the fact that her Republican counterpart, currently garnering for the GOP nomination, Donald Trump, dubbed her ‘’Crooked Hillary.’’

The naming and shaming occurred in Watertown, New York. Addressing supporters on Saturday, the GOP presidential contender made it known that he had come up with a nickname for the former first lady, ‘’Crooked Hillary.’’ Clinton joins the list of politicians who have had the distasteful occasion of being granted a nickname by Trump. Other not so lucky personalities include his Republican competitors Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio who earned themselves the names, ‘’Lyin’ Ted and ‘’Little Marco’’ respectively.

Speaking on the show Outnumbered that appears on Fox News, Kennedy Montgomery, the host, could only imagine that the name given to Clinton had come about ‘’because it has ‘crook’ in it and he also wants to show that she’s not only someone with questionable crooked non-straight morals, but also someone who might have broken the law.”

“And it’s not sexist,” co-host Andrea Tantaros stepped in confidently. “I was so nervous [after Trump revealed the name]… I thought, ‘Oh God please, Donald Trump, do not do anything bad.’ And I saw it and I thought, ‘What a genius name.’ She can’t cry victim. And it’s perfect. It implies that she is intentionally and wilfully deceptive.”

Weighing in on the matter, Faulkner was of the opinion that there was no way Clinton would find her way into the Oval Office, even if she opted to tackle pressing matters as opposed to going against Trump regarding the nickname.

“How is she going to respond to ‘you’re crooked’?” Faulkner queried. “Because now she’s got to come with the facts that prove that she’s not crooked. So now she’s going to say, ‘You know what, maybe I should release those transcripts that I got paid $300,000 from [Wall Street].’ I mean, really, what would the retort be that would make her look any better?”

“He’s already kind of figured out, ‘She’s not going to come back at me on the facts of anti-crookedness,’” Faulkner surmised. Adding some humor to the show, Tantaros concluded, “I’m just upset that Trump didn’t take my name suggestion: The Shady Lady.”