GOP Sen. Calls To Neuter Elizabeth Warren

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

A recent report by Politico apparently has Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, the Senior House Services Committee member, on record badmouthing a fellow senator. In a convention made up largely of bankers, Luetkemeyer, urged them to ‘’find a way to neuter Sen. Elizabeth Warren. There were nothing but harsh words for Sen. Warren, as she was described as ‘’the Darth Vader of the financial services world. ‘’

It is the Allied Progress’ stance that Luetkemeyer is very cosy with the financial services sector and has benefited unduly from their greedy lending schemes. He is said to have received over $1 million worth of campaign gratuities to date.

The reason for the lawmaker’s recent outburst stems from the fact that he has reaped hefty amounts from payday lenders, albeit, Warren  put forward a bill in 2014, seeking to oust him. Disagreeing with what she deems are unethical practices in the financial services sector, Warren stated, ‘’When these financial predators come after them I feel ashamed for the rest of us.’’

Earlier on, in a bid to further entrench his lewd lending endeavours, Luetkemeyer backed the HR 766,  which was a bill that looked to shut down a Department of Justice move to clamp down on unsavoury lending behaviour. Outraged by the remarks, the co – founder of Ultraviolet, an advocacy organization focusing on women’s issues, said, ‘’Rep . Luetkemeyer’s remarks on Senator Elizabeth Warren at the American Bar Association meeting were both offensive and unacceptable.

This current situation comes as no surprise, given that Warren has dedicated for most of her life to such causes.  This hard lining stance has definitely lost her some friends as banks have never really warmed up to Sen. Warren, because of her quest to make access to information symmetical.