Glenn Beck: “People Should Be ‘Desperate’ So They Will Elect Cruz-Fiorina”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Ted Cruz’s announcement that in case he is nominated by the Republican Party as the President candidate, Ms. Fiorina would be his running mate, was described as a ‘somewhat desperate’ bid to resurrect his floundering campaign. Mr. Cruz remains a distant second to Donald Trump at this moment who has described Mr. Cruz as someone who has been ‘mathematically eliminated from becoming president.’

The GOP establishment is strongly backing Mr. Cruz and popular radio talk show host Glenn Beck is doing his bit to try and dislodge The Donald. He had Ms. Fiorina on his show and agreed that the unusual announcement was indeed a desperate move “because Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina are desperate to save the Constitution.”

“They are desperate to save the economy. Desperate to create jobs. And so am I,” Beck said. “They are desperate to stop the crucifixion of Christians by ISIS. And so am I. I think you are, too … They are desperate. Indeed, they are. They are desperate to make sure that our children aren’t spied on and listened to. They are desperate to make sure that the IRS isn’t used as a weapon anymore.”

“And if you’re not desperate,” Beck concluded, pointing directly into the camera, “then you’re not in the real world. If you’re not desperate, then they have no chance of winning. But if you believe this is our last call, if you believe we are in deep trouble, you’re damn right you’re desperate. You should be desperate.”