Glenn Beck: “I Think Donald Trump Is Dangerous, But I’ll Take His Money.”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Glenn Beck spent a good portion his radio program today pointing out how Donald Trump needed his email list in an effort to boost support after constantly criticizing and taunting Beck.

Beck gloated over the fact Trump gave Beck money to receive access to his audience, even though Trump turned down numerous invitations to go on his radio program or television programs. The radio host taunted Trump, telling his audience that Trump’s campaign is desperate because he is getting his “ass kicked.”

“This guy has not reached out to our audience, ever,” Beck said. “Ever! He doesn’t think you matter … But this is a recognition that he needs this audience. This is a recognition of, ‘I’m getting my ass kicked and I have to go to Glenn frickin’ Beck and his audience because I need those ten million people to consider me.'”

“I think Donald Trump is dangerous,” Beck continued. “I think he is scary as hell … He’s not man enough or have the balls enough to come on [my show,] but I’ll take his money.”

“I’m sure Donald Trump didn’t expect this conversation to be happening,” he said. “I don’t think he was involved in this; his campaign did all of this. This should be recognized as Donald Trump is in so much trouble, he is now paying me to run ads in my email newsletters to reach out to an audience that he said he didn’t need, nor does he even want. That’s how much trouble they’re in! To me, that speaks volumes. Volumes.”