Gary Johnson Promises To Give Melania Trump Citizenship If He Is Elected

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Although, new evidence has surfaced on Thursday about Donald Trump’s wife MelaniaTrump entering the United States illegally, the Republican nominee released a statement claiming she broke no laws.

Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson responded to the news with compassion by letting people like Melania know that Republicans for Johnson-Weld plan on passing legislation that would give people like her a chance for citizenship, even if they broke the law coming into the country.

“While Donald Trump is running on a platform to deport 12 million people, apparently including his own wife, Johnson-Weld stands for allowing people in Melania’s circumstances to stay if they learn English, pay their back taxes, and pay a fine,” the campaign wrote.

The Johnson-Weld ticket also promises to make “legal immigration vastly simpler and more available to people around the world — including Slovenian models.”

The statement from Johnson-Weld also read:

 Republicans for Johnson-Weld vigorously defends allowing Melania Trump to stay in the US, despite calls from her husband’s supporters this morning to strip her of her US citizenship and deport her.