Fiorina: “Liberals Destroying Jobs And Livelihoods to Protect Frogs And Flies While Support Baby-Killing”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Spartanburg, South Carolina - Carly Fiorina took her assault on Planned Parenthood to an ultrasound room of an alternative pregnancy center in the heart of the Bible Belt on Thursday morning. The presidential candidate viewed pictures of an 18-week old fetus while speaking to Lacey Thomas, the pregnant mother who quite casually sat with her belly out in front of dozens of television cameras. She said as Fiorina was leaving: “We need a woman president.”

In the most recent Republican debate, Fiorina stood out because of her hot-blooded attacks on Planned Parenthood, a women’s health organization recently under fire thanks to a series of secret leaked videos accusing the organization of profiting from the abortions they provide. They do this, allegedly, by selling the organs and tissues of aborted fetuses, although Planned Parenthood denies that it has broken any laws.

Interestingly enough, some of Fiorina’s White House rivals have said that, unless Congress doesn’t pass a ban on funding the group, they will shut the government down. Mitch McConnell is likely to begin the process of bringing to the floor a “clean” funding bill to keep the government open until mid-December on Thursday, pushing final votes until early next week – on the evening of the final deadline.

Once the Senate passes a funding bill, it will leave the matter to the House, where GOP leaders have to decide on the precise course of action. “I did not think it was realistic when Republicans did not have majority in the Senate, but when the government shut down, what happened? I’m not aware of any hardships to anyone, other than the veterans trying to get to the World War 2 memorial,” said Fiorina speaking to reporters.

“The character of this nation cannot be about butchery of babies for body parts,” she told supporters in the foyer. “(Liberals) are perfectly prepared to destroy other people’s jobs and livelihoods and communities in order to protect fish and frogs and flies, but they do not think a 17-week old, a 20-week old, a 24-week old (baby) is worth saving.”