‘Non Racist’ Male Model Fired After Being Caught On Camera Calling A Black Woman A ‘Monkey-Faced Gorilla’ On The Street

Unfortunately, not all make models are as friendly as the ones in the movie Zoolander.

It seems that there also a dark side to the male modeling industry that was exposed when Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts model Bryan Christopher Sawyer posted a video of himself going on a racist rant.

According to Philly Mag, Sawyer was fired from his job at PAFA after filming himself yelling crude racist comments at a black woman walking down Broad Street in Philadelphia.

Among the many things Sawyer said, the video shows him describing the woman as a “gorilla” with a “monkey-face” and that she belonged “in a cage.”

When a black man confronted him over his remarks, Sawyer defended himself by saying he could say whatever he wants and shouldn’t be lectured.

PAFA told Philly Mag that Sawyer’s comments “were racist and deeply offensive” and he was “immediately dismissed and permanently banned from PAFA’s campus.”