Brunell Donald-Kyei: “Anyone Who Votes For Hillary Would Be Prosecuted For Aiding And Abetting A Felon Who Kills Homosexuals”

PhotoCredit: YouTube

During an interview with Fox News host Pete Hegseth on Sunday, Brunell Donald-Kyei claimed that anyone who supports the Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, could be prosecuted for “aiding and abetting a felon.”

Michael Moore told Rolling Stone magazine that people who support Donald Trump were “legal terrorists” who were trying to “blow up the system.”

Donald-Kyei claimed that it was Clinton’s supporters who were the real criminal.

“Anyone that votes for Hillary Clinton is aiding and abetting a felon,” she stated. “A person who deleted 33,000 emails that were under congressional subpoena, and she committed a felony. And anyone that, you know, agrees with her or votes for her is aiding and abetting that felony.”

“Not only that,” she continued. “Pay to play in on the ballot because we know that Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries that behead women and throw homosexuals off buildings. So, you’re aiding and abetting in the murder of homosexuals as well as beheading and disrespect of women.”

“What Donald Trump said is, ‘If they are doing this to me, they are definitely screwing the American people.’ He said, ‘We’re going to stand up tall, I’m going to fight for you. You’re my special interest.’”