Eric Trump: “My Father Came From Practically Nothing To Become The American Dream”

Photo Credit: YouTubePhoto Credit: YouTube

Donald Trump’s youngest son, Eric Trump, appeared on the Fox News program “Outnumbered,” and tried to claim that his father started with nothing and worked his way to the top.

During the show Friday afternoon, Eric grumbled that his father was not getting the credit he deserved for trying to reach out to African-American voters and then ridiculed millennial voters as too young to understand policy.

But what really seemed to get to the other guests was when he claimed that the Republican presidential nominee started with “nothing” and has become “the epitome of the American dream.”

“He’s gone from practically nothing to a man who’s just,” Trump said, before another guest, Democratic strategist Julie Roginsky, jumped in.

“Nothing?” Roginsky said. “He got a million bucks. Come on, Eric.”

The younger Trump ignored her and continued to brag about how his father “built an unbelievable empire.”

“He epitomized what America’s all about: Opportunity and working hard and being able to achieve your dreams and what you want to succeed, right?” Trump said. “It’s no different than a (Mark) Zuckerberg, right, who went out with a great idea like a Facebook and developed this idea and built it and grew it and grew it and grew it. That is achieving something, right? And I think it’s very different than a person who has been a career politician.”