Donald Trump: ‘’I Have As Much Indian Blood As Elizabeth Warren’’

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Democrats have long held a sweet spot for Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the thought of the retribution that may come from harassing her persona has warded off many a detractor thus far. However, this all stopped this weekend,  as Donald Trump put her in the crosshairs, adding her to the growing list of enemies he’s managed to accrue during this presidential race.

The clouds had been gathering for a while, with Warren attacking Trump during a news interview for ‘’even threatening to get anywhere near the presidency.’’ To add salt to the wound, Warren laid the blame for the recent campaign violence squarely on Trump’s shoulders. ‘’This is what Trump has been fostering and fermenting for months now. And it finally reached the next level,’’ she remarked.

Taking the political brawl to a new dimension, summoning ‘’decent people everywhere’’ to boycott what she referred to as the ‘’bigger, uglier threat’’ in the form of Donald Trump. Continuing on her anti – Trump crusade, Warren spoke against both Trump and former adversary Scott Brown, a keen aide of Donald Trump, who seems to be warming up to the VP position. ‘’It would be the perfect reality show matchup’’ Warren quipped, ‘’Celebrity Apprentice’ meets ‘The Biggest Loser.’’

Typical of the Republican frontrunner, Donald Trump faced the comments head-on. ‘’She’s got about as much Indian blood as I have. Her whole life was based on a fraud,’’ Trump said, speaking to the New York Times over the weekend. ‘’She got into Harvard and all that because she said she was a minority.’’

This claim flew in the face of an earlier comment by Bill John Baker, a Cherokee Chief who in 2012, clarified that Warren had never misrepresented herself as a card – carrying part of the Cherokee population but had said that she was of Native ancestry due to her Oklahoma roots.  ‘’I wish every Congressman and Senator in the U.S. would have a kinship or felt a kinship to the Cherokee Nation,’’ Baker commented.

It is however confirmed by genealogists that Warren is who she says she is, as her great – great – great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee.  This puts her in the same class as the Chief Baker himself. Despite the overwhelming evidence, Donald Trump did not let this stop him.