Dennis Prager: It’s Better to Support Stalin Trump VS Hitlery Clinton

Photo Credit: YouTube

Conservative commentator Dennis Prager was on yesterday’s edition of “The Hagee Hotline” reluctantly throwing his support to Donald Trump, even after comparing him to Joseph Stalin.

Although, Prager admits that he would have preferred any other Republican presidential candidate to Trump, he is still better than Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Trump may have terrible character flaws, but Clinton and the Democrats don’t have the proper American values.

“I’m going to vote for him because I have no choice,” Prager said, insisting that people need to vote, even if they don’t like the candidates.

“In life, mature people have to recognize [that] most of the time in life, we don’t have a choice between good and bad,” he said, “we have a choice between bad and worse. The United States supported the mass-murdering Stalin against the mass-murdering Hitler not because we shared Stalin’s values but because, at the time, the right thing to do was to support Stalin against Hitler.”

“Mature people have to live in a world where you don’t get your ideal but you better defeat the worst,” Prager added.