David Horowitz: “President Obama Should Thank White Males For Ending Slavery”

Photo Credit: Flicker

The ‘restoration weekend’ an annual event held by David Horowitz the right wing editor of the magazine, Frontpage, mobilizes anti-Muslim lobbyists and Republican politicians as they congregate at a posh beach resort. Over the years such personalities as GOP presidential hopeful Sen. Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, former Texan Gov. Rick Perry and Rep. Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma have graced the event.

This points to the fact that the company that Horowitz keeps is not really something to bemuse. The editor has kept up this state of affairs in a recent interview he gave in Indianapolis. Speaking to radio host, Greg Garrison, he made mention of what he termed a ‘terrific’ video posted by an individual who is a Men’s Rights Activist named ‘’I Love My White Male Privilege!’’ He then went on an outburst relating to how the Black Lives Matter movement and President Obama are racist. In his opinion the public ought to show appreciate ‘’the white Christian males’’ who were responsible for ending slavery.

Horowitz put it to Garrison that the Black Lives Matter is actually a ‘’racist movement’’ though the GOP members were not keen to call it out as they were ‘’afraid of being called racist.’’

Garrison was quick to interrupt saying, “there’s nothing more racist” rather than employing the term “white privilege,” which led to Horowitz recommending, “a terrific video on the web called ‘I’m Proud of My White Male Privilege.’

“It points out something, actually, that I conducted a campaign in 2001 about,” he stated. “It’s black Africa that enslaved blacks. White people didn’t go to Africa and throw nets over black heads, they went to slave markets and bought them from black African kings who had enslaved them.’’

“It’s America who ended slavery, it was not until white Christian males in England and America said slavery was wrong. And this country was founded on the proposition that all men and women of all races have the right to liberty given by God that governments can’t take away. And then we gave 350,000 lives to end the institution here, and actually American and England are responsible for ending it throughout the western hemisphere and in many parts of Africa, while it still exists today. So the legacy of America, the president has said racism is in the DNA of America. No, liberty is in the DNA of America! The president is a racist and, as I said, a traitor.”