Cruz Supporters Insist That its “Critically Important” To See Trump’s Wife Nude Pics “Before Your Vote Decision”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

As if building walls to put a stop to the immigrant influx wasn’t enough to bring political infamy to Donald Trump, a new deterrent has since appeared. Speaking at a Fox Business Network interview, an avid follower of Ted Cruz put forward the fact that it’s, ‘’critically important’’ for conservative voters to take into account the fact that the wife of Donald Trump, Melania, who happens to be alien to the United States of America once ‘’posed nude’’ in a magazine.

Andrea McMillan, a Republican activist hailing from Texas, put it to Neil Cavuto from Fox, that keeping in mind the passing of the once first lady, Nancy Regan, “we should be looking at the first lady candidates, instead of just talking about the men.”

“If Donald trump is elected, Mrs. Trump will be the first first lady that has ever posed nude; the first first lady that’s the third wife [of the president]; and the first foreign-born first lady in this century.” She went on, “by contrast,” Cruz’s wife Heidi would be “the first pro-life first lady.”

At the centre of the controversy, Melania, a 45 year old model born in Slovenia wed Donald Trump in the year 2000. Prior to tying the knot with the real estate tycoon, she had taken off her clothes for a popular British magazine, GQ. Keen to understand ‘’what difference’’ any of it made, Cavuto queried McWilliams to which she responded that it was ‘’critically important.’’

“You’ve been covering Nancy Reagan, look at what an influencer she was to her husband. … I think posing nude speaks to character,” she summed up. On being asked if they had anything to say about these remarks, the Trump team remained mum on the matter.