Cruz Blames Partisan Democrat Media For Republican Voters’ Hatred of Him

Photo Credit:  dallasnewsPhoto Credit: dallasnews

NBC host Chuck Todd had an exasperating time interviewing Ted Cruz on Meet The Press last Sunday as the Republican trailing Trump in the primaries refused to give straight answers to his questions — in particular to Todd’s question as to whether or not Cruz would support Trump if The Donald turns out to be the eventual Republican nominee.

“If he’s the nominee, I take it you can’t support him anymore, can you?” Todd asked and Cruz responded with his rehearsed talking points making Todd respond with: “But are you going to support him?”

“I recognize that many in the media would love for me to surrender to Donald Trump,” Cruz responded. “It’s not about the media,” Todd said. “Senator, it’s about the numbers. He may win. Republican voters are the ones rejecting you. This is not a media conspiracy, Senator.”“Donald can’t answer questions about his foreign policy,” was Cruz’s response.

“Why can’t you answer the question of whether you can support Donald Trump or not?” Todd tried again. “You can’t answer that question. Why won’t you answer that question, straight forward, black and white?” And Cruz’s response to that was to charge “the media” as being “almost entirely” “liberal partisan Democrats.”

“You don’t get to just say that,” Todd responded. “It’s just not true. Go ahead. You’re broad brushing here, and this is exactly what people hate about the media and politics. Broad brushes, right?” Mr. Cruz further added that “the media created this Trump phenomenon. I’m not willing to concede this country,” was Cruz’s hyperbolic response. “If we lose this, we lose our country.”

“Don’t you think it’s important to take a stand?” Todd questioned. “You just said it’s a time for choosing. If it’s a time for choosing, say it, for him or against him as the nominee!”

“Let the record show, you have not taken a position on whether you can support Trump if he’s the nominee,” the NBC host finally ended.

“And let the record show you tried very, very hard to get me to commit to supporting Trump,” was how Cruz ended.

Cruz also accused the media of giving The Donald free publicity while shunning Republican debates.