Coulter “Trump Channeled His Inner Ann Coulter When He Wrote His Speeches, Provinin I Am Not A Racist”

Photo Credit: FlickerPhoto Credit: Flicker

Conservative author Ann Coulter talked to Wisconsin talk radio host Charlie Sykes at the Republican National Convention today and took credit for the part she played in helping Trump write his campaign kickoff speech, in which he accused Mexican immigrants of being “criminals” and “rapists.”

Coulter said that Trump received a copy of her anti-immigrant book “Adios America!” and used some of her text for his infamous speech. Sykes says that Trump was “channeling his inner Ann Coulter.”

Things got heated, however, when Sykes suggested that her book promoted “racist meme” about immigrants.

“My answer is F.U., Charlie Sykes, how dare you?” Coulter responded.

“There’s nothing racist about anything I say,” she said. “To be pro-American is racist?”

Coulter says that Americans should be proud and “should be arrogant about our culture,” instead, students go through a “Chinese-style brainwashing from kindergarten through college” that demonstrates that “American culture is the worst culture in the world” and claimed that it is now a “hate crime to try to assimilate people.” She pointed to Ben Franklin’s criticism of German immigrants as an example that reducing immigration is essential to protect America’s British-inspired culture.