Col. Ralph Peters: ‘’Ted Cruz Planning To Throw Carpets On ISIS From Airplanes’’

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Over the years, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, the current Fox News military expert, has built a reputation for himself as a staunch conservative. Never would one mistake him for a liberal but in a recent outburst, his waning patience for some of the rhetoric that has come out of the Republican camp was unmistakably evident.

Speaking on the late night Kennedy show, Peters shared his views with the former MTV veejay, now host and conservative deliberator. Par for the course, the show commenced with an analysis of the Trump campaign. In particular, the topic revolved around Donald Trump’s laid-back approach, responding to a question about his proposed strategy with regard to the use of nuclear warfare in the fight against ISIS.

‘’None of the political wannabes, none of the aspirants have done their homework. None served in the military – they’re all too important – but at least do your homework, guys,’’ Peters quipped. ‘’Now if you want to use a nuclear weapon on Islamic State, tell me: What’s the target? What’s the operational advantage? How would you deal with the ramifications for allies? It’s the kind of thing people throw out there, and it’s just goofy loose talk.’’

Turning to a more scathing side, Peters unleashed all his fury on one of the Republican candidates in particular. ‘’I mean, when Ted Cruz talks about ‘carpet bombing,’ I get the sense he thinks it’s dropping carpets out of an airplane. You’ve got to know what the basic terms mean.’’ Kennedy couldn’t help but laugh as he added, ‘’I’ve got all these remnants from when I redid my guest house! I’ll just drop ‘em on ISIS!’’

‘’Exactly, Carpet Warehouse,’’ Peters agreed. ‘’But seriously, there was one point where I really got angry. I don’t take this stuff home with me, and I’m pretty balanced – really. But when Trump was challenged about the military and him giving an unlawful order, and the military not obeying it, he said, ‘Oh, they’ll obey it.’ Well no, Mr. Trump – our military takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. They obey the lawful orders of the Commander – in – Chief. But if the Commander – in – Chief, the president, ever gives an order that conflicts with the Constitution, the Constitution wins – hands down, every time.’’