Christie To Kushner: “Trump Must Lawyer Up And Keep His Mouth Shut”

Photo Credit: Luigi Novi \ Wikimedia Commons

In a private meeting between Jared Kushner and Gov. Chris Christie, Trump’s son-in-law was warned that the president should retain an outside lawyer to handle the continuing investigation into his administration’s contacts with Russian officials.

According to Vanity Fair, although Christie publicly denied talking to Kushner about getting legal help, privately he told him it would be the best thing to do.

Christie put together the first transition plan for Trump before Kushner got him pushed out, now talks to Trump’s senior advisor frequently by phone, which can be confirmed, although both sides claim that specific conversation “simply did not happen.”

Someone who heard Christie talk about the conversation said that the Republican governor said Trump “better lawyer up and keep his mouth shut.”

According to Christie’s spokesman, the account of the conversation is “categorically false.”