Chris Christie Whining About “Democratic Haters” That Are Blocking Him From Getting Corrupted

Photo Credit: Luigi Novi \ Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Chris Christie went on a rant Thursday night about “the haters” that used personal hostility toward him to stop him from making a profit from writing a book while in office.

“People are asking as if this is a long-standing tradition,” Christie said during his radio show, “Ask the Governor,” on New Jersey 101.5-FM.

He went on to describe how the ethics law passed by his Democratic predecessor, Jon Corzine, in 2008, bans him from profiting from a book while still in office.

Former Gov. Corzine, a wealthy former Wall Street Banker, passed legislation that prohibited compensation for work outside of governorship, however, it did allow for passive income from investments.

“I wonder why Gov. Corzine passed that law, when he was a former Goldman Sachs executive?” Christie mockingly asked.

While governor, Corzine didn’t accept a salary, instead he lived off his investments.

Christie insists that the legislation was passed by hater who “made it personal about me.”

The New Jersey governor also complained about the low public sector salary caps prevented him from hiring qualified staffers, pointing out that they hadn’t received a raise in 15 years.

“Judges today make less than they did in 2003,” Christie said. “You don’t want judges who think getting $140,000 a year is a raise. … You want to appear before stupid judges? Then don’t raise their pay any more.”