Chelsea Clinton hits below the belt, accuses senator Sanders for capitalism

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Democratic presidential front-runner, Hillary Clinton, in her first stump speech has accused Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders of capitalism, citing his bid to scrap President Obama’s signature healthcare law in favor of a single-payer system.

NBC News recently cited Clinton as saying: “Sen. Sanders wants to dismantle ObamaCare.” She also accused Sanders of trying to “dismantle Medicare and dismantle private insurance,” as well as strip away benefits from the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which was created under her father’s presidency.

At her first stop along the campaign trail in New Hampshire, Clinton made a reference to a bill that Sanders has introduced three times that would replace Affordable Care Act programs with a new national American Health Security Trust Fund, allowing states to run their own single-payer systems with federal money. Chelsea Clinton’s statement comes ahead of Iowa’s February 1 caucuses where she will join her parents in the state next week.

“I worry if we give Republicans Democratic permission to do that, we’ll go back to an era — before we had the Affordable Care Act — that would strip millions and millions and millions of people off their health insurance,” she said.

Meanwhile, earlier, Sanders, who voted for the Affordable Care Act, had previously written off Hillary Clinton’s attacks that he would undo ObamaCare.

“I helped write the Affordable Care Act. So I don’t want somebody suggesting I’m trying to dismantle legislation that I helped write,” Sanders was quoted as saying in November 2015.