Carol Swain Blames Gays For “People Who Think I Am Gay When I Go Out With My Friends”

During a speech at the Family Research Council about her new book “Abduction: How Liberalism Steals Our Children’s Hearts and Minds,” right-wing activist and college professor Carol Swain claimed that she can’t even have a night out with the girls without wondering if people think that they are gay.

Swain described a chapter from her book called “parenting the gender-confused child,” and says that it is an important topic because “we’re all going to have gender-confused children and grandchildren before it’s over because the culture is trying to confuse them.” Swain says that although she never wondered if she was going to marry her best friend when she was a little girl, “in today’s culture, I think I would have questioned myself, maybe there was something wrong with me.”

Even as an adult, every time she goes out with her female friends, “we have to wonder, do people think we’re gay?”

“We don’t care,” she said, “but just the fact that we live in a culture where you can’t have close relationships between men and women with women without wondering whether someone is going to think there is more to it, that is not the way society is supposed to operate.”