Carl Bernstein: “Republican Officials Debating Trump’s Mental Health”

(PhotoCredit: Wikimedia commons)

Several GOP member have reportedly been questioning the emotional well-being of President Donald Trump after he obsessed with defending the crowd size at his inauguration and began spreading false “voter fraud” conspiracy theories.

During an interview on CNN Tonight with Don Lemon, reporter Carl Bernstein, who made a name for himself while writing about the Watergate scandal for the Washington Post, claims that there are some Republicans in Washington D.C. who have worries about the president’s mental health.

“It is unlike anything that I have seen in 50 years of being a reporter,” said Bernstein. “I am hearing from Republicans, and other reporters are as well, that there is open discussion by members of the President of the United States’ own party about his emotional maturity, stability.”

Even Joe Scarborough, who usually defends Trump, criticized the president for bragging about the crowd size at his inauguration while giving a speech at the CIA. Trump even sent Press Secretary Sean Spicer out to berate the media for questioning the size of the crowd.

“People are saying his psyche is driving the news cycle,” said Bernstein. “We are in uncharted territory.”