Candy Carson: “Ben Stopped A Carjacking, And Ended Up Shaking Hands And Taking Pictures With The Guys

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Ben Carson’s admittance that parts of his autobiography may have been exaggerated may have hurt his candidacy more than just losing 20 staff members including his campaign manager and communications manager. His wife Candy has however stood by her man regaling viewers on the Fox and Friends show with more anecdotes from the family past.

One story she retold from her newly released autobiography was of the birth of their youngest son, which apparently was a surprise to both her and her husband. He delivered the baby at their home and ended up standing with the baby in one hand and the afterbirth in the other. This while she was rushing around the house searching for something to clip the placenta with. She finally found a roller clip for this.

In another story she tells of a car being hijacked at a gas station. As he came from the store he noticed the car driving off, and singlehandedly chased and stopped the perpetrators. The guys in the car recognized him and they ended up shaking hands and taking pictures together.

The couple are endearing themselves to the public, but will that be enough at the polls?