Arkansas GOPers Passed Law To Lets Rapists To Sue Their Victims For Abortion

GOP lawmakers in Arkansas have passed a trial bill targeting Sharia law after a law passed that gives permission to fathers and parents to stop a woman from having an abortion.

According to Arkansas Times, HB 1041 was introduced by state Rep. Brandt Smith and passed on Thursday by the House judiciary committee to “American laws for American courts.”

Smith claims the bill is not specifically aimed at Sharia law, even though it resembles other legislation that other states have introduced based on the conspiracy theory that the Islamic law is slowly taking over the country’s legal system.

He justified his bill by pointing out how a man from the Middle East based his claims on Sharia law and then left the country, and the same story was shared when lawmakers presented the bill on the statehouse floor.

According to the new legislation, all court rulings will be reversed if it is based on a foreign law that prevent the “fundamental rights, liberties, and privileges granted under the Arkansas Constitution or the United States Constitution” – for example , freedom of religion and speech and press, equal protection, due process and the right to marry.

Under Smith’s bill, marriage is defined under the Arkansas constitution, which prohibits same sex marriage, a law that was overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court.

According to the Daily Beast, the new law would give the fetus’s father the power to stop the woman from having an abortion by lawsuit, even in instances of incest and spousal rape. The woman’s spouse or parent will be allowed to sue abortion provider in order to stop the pregnancy under the Arkansas law.