Ann Coulter: “US Is The Only Country In The World With An Original Population”

Photo Credit: FlickerPhoto Credit: Flicker

Minority populations are seemingly coming under fire in the United States. While Trump suggested building a wall to block out the Muslims, a new swipe has been taken at the Jewish community. When asked to comment about the migration of Jews into the U.S, right wing political analyst, Ann Coulter grumbled, ‘’Oh God, not the Jews again.’’

The instance came about as she was being interviewed on BBC by James Naughtie. Asked about the scope of her anti – immigration policy and if this would have related to Jewish settlers coming to New York in the 20th century.

Coulter’s response was that Jews did not ‘’overwhelm’’ the U.S. compared to other present day immigrant populations.

“That’s like 2 percent of the population — that did not overwhelm our culture,” she remarked. “We’re being overwhelmed. You’ve been out here in California, you go to neighborhoods and people aren’t speaking English.”

Historically, there were hundreds of thousands of Jewish migrants of Yiddish origin who swarmed the lower East Side and several suburban spaces in the U.S, about a century or so ago.

During the show, Coulter found time to give her endorsement and admiration for Donald Trump. She professed agreement   with Trump’s ideas on the Mexican migrant issue, referring to them as ‘’rapists’’ and ‘’drug dealers.’’

Making her concluding remarks, the political commentator refuted the accusation that America is a country constituted by immigrant populations. She went on to say that Americans are “the only people on earth that aren’t allowed to have a home.”

“Everybody else can have a home. You see National Geographic and the indigenous people, and they love their home,” she finished off