Adam Schiff: GOP Lining Their Pockets Before The President’s ‘Wheels Come Completely Off The Wagon”


During an interview with Bill Mahar Friday night, Democratic co-chair of the House Intelligence Committee Rep. Adam Schiff claimed that the only reason the Republicans are standing beside Donald Trump is because they want to pass their agenda “before the wheels come completely off the wagon.”

After a crazy week that saw Trump fire FBI Director James Comey and Trump surrogates offering an array of reasons, only to be contradicted by the president himself during an interview with Lester Holt, Schiff was asked when the Republicans will stop supporting the president.

Mahar pointed out a rowdy town hall in which attendees shouted at a GOP member “decide to be an American and not a politician,” Maher asked Schiff, “How can they govern if that’s what’s brewing out in America? What are the Republicans saying to each other behind closed doors? They must be sh*tting their pants.”

Schiff chuckled then said, “They all want something from this president before the wheels come completely off the wagon. They want their tax cuts, they want their regulatory repeal of all the mining regulations, etc. And then they’ll find their spine.”