Shocking Increase In The Percentage Of Republicans Who Think College Is Bad For US

Acording to a Pew survey, a dominant part of Republicans and Republican-inclining individuals trust that advanced education is terrible for America — and the number has risen 45 percent since a year ago.

The survey found that 58 percent of right-inclining individuals (and 45 percent of individuals surveyed over the political range) trust “schools and colleges negatively affect the nation.”

By differentiate, the survey found that 72 percent Democrats and left-inclining independents see advanced education positively — a number the report noted hasn’t changed much as of late.

Notwithstanding getting some information about schools and colleges, surveyors additionally asked the more than 2,500 individuals studied about their feelings on the media — and an astounding 85 percent of Republican and right-inclining respondents said they see it contrarily.

View a graph of the Pew findings below via Twitter.