Sen. Jeff Hoover Calls FBI On Republican Speaker For Cover-Up Of Multiple Sexual Assaults

The Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives in the Kentucky General Assembly has been reported to the Federal Bureau of Investigation by a member of his own caucus.

CBS affiliate WKYT in Richmond, Kentucky reported that state Representative Wesley Morgan revealed informing on Republican leadership during a Saturday morning series of tweets.

“Based on new information that I have just received, I am calling for the immediate resignation and/or impeachment of Jeff Hoover,” Rep. Morgan tweeted. “As a former federal criminal investigator and a person who is loyal to his oath of office, I absolutely cannot stand by and stay silent.”

“It appears the Speaker, members of leadership, and some majority staff have conspired to cover up much more than has been disclosed,” Rep. Morgan continued. “They have conspired to conceal information regarding sexual harassment claims against not only the Speaker, but three chairmen.”

“I have just notified the FBI of this possible Hobbs Act violation and they are looking into it as we speak,” Rep. Morgan revealed. “I would strongly suggest that persons involved do not lie to the FBI, which is a felony carrying 5 years.”

The revelations from Rep. Morgan come only days after The Courier-Journal reported that sources claimed Republican Speaker Jeff Hoover reached a confidential settlement over sexual harassment allegations by a female staffer.

Columnist Joseph Gerth, who spent a decade as The Courier-Journal’s chief political reporter, questioned if Kentucky tax-payers are on the hook for the confidential settlement.

“He needs to tell voters why he thought it was appropriate to enter into an agreement that carried a confidentiality clause with it that would have prevented voters from ever finding out how he had acted when they sent him to Frankfort to represent them,” Gerth demanded. “There are too many questions that haven’t been answered and too many answers that may prove problematic for Hoover.”

Hoover is the first Republican Speaker in Kentucky in almost 100 years. In 2014, when Democrats controlled the chamber, Rep. Hoover was extremely critical of leadership’s handling of a sexual harassment investigation.

A clip is already been shared online while displaying a #MeToo hashtag.