Scott Lively: “President Trump Should Apologize For Gay Obama.”

Photo Credit: Youtube

Extremist and anti – gay advocate Scott Lively posted some interesting remarks on his website in which he proposes that Donald Trump, once he becomes president of the US may have some damage to undo. He suggested that Trump ought to crack down on gay rights by permitting “the church to reclaim its rightful place in steering domestic policy norms back toward faith and family values.”

He once again made it a point to emphasize President Obama’s “devotion to the LGBT agenda was his chief motivation for orchestrating (with the help of his pal George Soros) the Ukrainian coup,” Lively cautioned that the president’s accommodative approach to the “gay agenda” has brought “the world closer to nuclear war.” For this reason, President Trump’s first port of call, Lively states, would be to “apologize to the world” for “Obama’s attempt to force the fascist LGBT agenda on everyone” as well as for “letting Obama and the GOP establishment poison the relationship [with Russia] to further their nefarious elitist and anti-Christian agenda.”

He stated, ‘’There aren’t many things about Barack Obama’s foreign policy I would want any politician to emulate, but there is one thing I would like Donald Trump to do if he becomes President: apologize to the world for the actions of his predecessor! Especially regarding Obama’s attempt to force the fascist LGBT agenda on everyone, everywhere in every possible way.

After that Mr. Trump should shut down the anti-Russian war-propaganda that the Obama/McCain/NeoCon axis relaunched in 2013 after the Russians passed their law banning homosexual propaganda to children. That law — a monumental achievement in the fight to preserve Judeo-Christian civilization — highlighted the glaring contrast of values between the now anti-Marxist Russia and the now pro-Marxist US and EU, and shifted the contest for influence in the still family-friendly nations of the former Soviet Union in Russia‘s favor. Within a few months several nations, including Ukraine, moved toward adopting a similar law and for a short while it looked like an international pro-family counterrevolution would emerge to challenge Obama’s dangerous global LGBT blitzkrieg.‘‘

He concluded by mentioning the good it would do everyone if these relations were solidified, making way to a better appreciation of sexuality and rights.