Rep. Matt Rinaldi Calls ICE To Round Up Immigrants And Democratic Lawmakers During An Immigration Bill Protest

When people protested a recently passed immigration bill, a Republican representative called Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to come round them up, which caused a fight among lawmakers at the Texas State Capitol.

According to local reporters who were on the scene in Austin Monday afternoon report that lawmakers began shoving each other after Texas Republican Rep. Matt Rinaldi informed several Latino lawmakers that he had called ICE on the group of protesters, who were upset over the passage of SB4, a bill defunding sanctuary cities.

“Things getting a little heated on Texas House floor with reps pushing each other,” said KVUE’s Ashley Goudeau. “Rep. Cesar Blanco tells us the scuffle was because Rep. Matt Rinaldi told a group of Hispanic Reps he had just called ICE on all the protesters.”

“Near fistfight erupts after Irving GOP Rep. Matt Rinaldi reportedly tells several Hispanic Ds he called ICE on SB4 protesters,” reported Bob Garrett of the Dallas Morning News.