Rep. Candidate: “U.S. Should Ban Everyone Who Seeks To Enter The Country Except Those From Israel”

Photo Credit: YouTube

A Florida based political novice has come out guns blazing over the United States’ policy regarding visitors from the Middle East. Addressing the Broward County GOP membership on Monday evening, the home builder is looking to make his first impact in political office.

Chief among the advocates of this extreme action are the presidential hopeful from the Republican party, Donald Trump. Following suit, Carlos Beruff, a developer by profession, went the extra mile by imploring that not a single soul from the beleaguered Arab regions should be allowed into the country up until the immigration office takes care of our ‘’broken system.’’

Beruff hastily provided an answer to a question about his stance on Muslim travel, saying, “Ah ha! I think our immigration department is broken. And I don’t think it’s safe to allow anybody from the Middle East into this country.”

Reports by the Sun Sentinel reveal that the audience in attendance cheered and supported his statement. Journalist were adamant to get the full story out of him and as such pursued him thereafter. In response to this continued questioning, Beruff clarified that the proposed ban would apply equally to Muslims and Christians.

“Pretty much anybody that’s got a terrorist organization in it, which is pretty much all the Middle East,” he put it.

The question was then directed to the nation of Israel, to which Beruff left things a bit flexible. “I think Israel’s security measures are pretty strong,” he stated. “Israel is an exception.”

Beruff, a first time candidate for office, makes up a well represented Republican platform that is looking to take over from retiring Sen. Marco Rubio, whose chances of running for presidency came to naught after a sound thrashing by Trump during the Florida primaries.