Rand Paul’s Father Blames Israel For Iran Conflict And Hamas Terror

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

The Washington Free Beacon reported that a column was published by the Ron Paul Institute which argues that Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli Prime Minister, “played the Holocaust card” in an attempt to manipulate the US into war with Iran.

Founded by Ron Paul, former congressman and father of Rand Paul, Kentucky senator and likely 2016 presidential candidate, the institute published the column by Gareth Porter on Friday. It suggested that Netanyahu “served Israel’s political interest in manipulating the policy of the US government and other world powers” and also substantially exaggerated the threat posed by a nuclear Iran.

Porter wrote that by “conjuring the specter of Iranian genocide against Israelis, Netanyahu was playing two political games simultaneously.” Porter ignored numerous statements by Iranian leaders over the years calling for Israel’s destruction by suggesting that this is something made up by the Israeli leader.

Porter also added that Netanyahu “was exploiting the fears of the Israeli population associated with the Holocaust to boost his electoral prospects while at the same time exploiting the readiness of most members of US Congress to support whatever Netanyahu orders on Iran policy.”

He also blamed Netanyahu’s treats for “making Israel and Iran strategic adversaries for the first time.” Porter concluded that Netanyahu (not Tehran), “bears personal responsibility for having credited a conflict with Iran that had never existed before.”

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