Paul Manafort: “Women should Vote For Trump So Their Husbands Can Afford To Take Them Shopping”

PhotoCredit: YouTube

Trump’s campaign has begun crafting a plan to win over states like New Jersey and California and campaign chair Paul Manafort feels they have a very good chance to win states that usually vote for Democrats during the presidential elections.

“We think Donald Trump expands the map in the ways for us to win, unlike Mitt Romney, which had one way to win,” Manafort explained. When asked about Ohio by MSNBC host Matthews, Manafort said “it depends.”

“Historically, Republicans can’t win without Ohio,” Matthews insisted.

“That’s because historically they couldn’t win Pennsylvania, they couldn’t win Wisconsin, they had trouble with places like New Jersey, they couldn’t win in Michigan,” Manafort said.

“You’re going to win New Jersey?” Matthews asked in shock.

“Right now we have polling that indicates New Jersey is within four points,” Manafort said.

When Matthews asked Manafort about how Trump plans on winning over women, who at this moment have a very unfavorable view of Trump, he claims that they will vote for Trump because it will benefit their husbands.

“There are many women in this country who feel they can’t afford their lives, their husbands can’t afford paying for the family bills. Hillary Clinton is guilty for being a part of the establishment who created that problem,” Manafort said about Clinton.

“You know what you just said now?” Matthews said with disbelief. “You said women are concerned about their husband’s income. Do you think that’s the 21st-century talking? That that’s their big concern? How their husbands are doing?”

After the interview, host Rachel Maddow commented about odd strategy Trump’s campaign has devised to go after traditionally blue states and ignore Ohio, like they did at the Republican convention. “Not only is John Kasich not there but their senator running for reelection is not there, Rob Portman, and the Ohio delegation got chunked into the back of the room. And he just told Chris Matthews there that Trump doesn’t need Ohio. Every other Republican in history has needed Ohio but Trump doesn’t need Ohio because he’s going to win New Jersey.”