Pastor Jim Garlow: “Trump Should Know That The Biggest Threat To America Is The LGBT Movement”

Pastor Jim Garlow recently gave an interview to American Family Radio host Sandy Rios in regard to the infamous meeting he attended in New York with the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and almost a thousand of America’s most important Religious Right leaders.

The California-based pastor said that although Trump discussed the so-called attacks on religious freedom in the USA he missed out on talking about one of the main causes of these attacks.

“I was on a panel right after he left and I said someone will need to help him connect the dots between religious liberty—what’s causing it, overwhelmingly, is the LGBTQ radical agenda that’s pressed upon us,” Garlow said.

“The radical homosexual agenda,” Garlow continued, is “at the epicenter of most of the loss of our religious liberty at our present time.”

“The potential for the silencing, punishing, shutting out of Christians in the public square is just imminent,” Rios warned.