Palin: I Am Qualified As A Climate Scientist Because “My Dad Taught Science To 5th And 6th Graders”

Photo Credit: Flicker

Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin just received a boost in her role in the current campaign run as a lobby group with strong ties to the oil sector revealed that it would be hosting her and fondly named, ‘’Science Guy’’ Bill Nye in a forthcoming documentary that casts doubt on topical climate issues.

“People who do not believe in American exceptionalism have made this into a campaign issue, so it’s vital that the other side be heard,” Palin said, speaking to Variety. “I’m very pleased that this is written and spoken in layman’s terms. My dad taught science to fifth and sixth graders, and it was very important to him that science be presented in an understandable way.”

The plan is to have Palin as part of ‘’an exclusive panel discussion’’ to be held on the 2nd of May. This will be done in conjunction with the screening of Climate Hustle, a documentary piece produced by the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).   The press has carried stories about CFACT and how it has benefitted financially from the likes of ExxonMobil and Chevron. In addition to these multinational companies, an ‘’anonymously – funded’’ group, Donor’s Trust, whose focus area is the support of entities advocating against the existence of global warming is reportedly behind them.

Rep. Lamar Smith, the head of the House Science Committee, will also grace the event with his presence. Towards the end of last year, Smith cause quite a stir when he accused National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration administrators of tampering with statistics so as to give a misguided impression of global warming.

As if that weren’t enough the past leader of the Media Research Center will be there to facilitate the deliberations. As reported by Variety, Nye will be at the May 2 event, although it is not yet confirmed if he is going to sit on the panel with Palin. At the time of going to press, Nye had not commented on the issue.