Oregon Republican: “I Will Spit On Gay Man’s Grave When He Dies From ‘Anally Injected’ AIDS”

The city chamber of Echo, Oregon offered a formal conciliatory sentiment for the activities of one part who told a gay man he would “spit on his grave” after he kicked the bucket of AIDS.

As indicated by the East Oregonian, Echo City Councilor Lou Nakapalau got into an argument with movie producer Joe Wilson — a gay man who makes documentaries about individuals from the LGBTQ people group — on Facebook when he made the hostile remark.

“When you croak of AIDS (Anally Injected Death Serum) I’ll spit on your grave,” Nakapalau kept in touch with Wilson, before including an against gay slur.

Nakapalau later erased the post after it made a firestorm, and his Facebook history demonstrated him changing another post to evacuate obscenities.

Constrained by the gathering to apologize, Nakapalau won’t, driving them to take a vote and issue their own particular articulation.

“The Echo City Council might want to stretch out its sincerest expression of remorse to the individuals who were outraged by remarks made by a committee part in a Facebook discourse revealed by the East Oregonian,” the announcement peruses. “Remarks of individual chamber individuals on their own online networking accounts don’t have any support or endorsement of the committee overall nor do they speak to city strategy.”

The announcement was issued and no more late board meeting as Nakapalau sat noiselessly while he was condemned by voters who ended up voicing their disappointment.

“I’m totally disturbed and think any self-regarding board would perplex him,” said neighborhood Jenny Sullivan.