Obama Demands Salary For Michelle

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

There is no better way to connect with women during a town hall Wednesday than to mention that “there is clearly no equal pay in the White House.” Obama said that he recognized the problem of equal pay while he was watching his grandmother at her bank job, where she was training young men who would eventually move ahead of her.

Regarding his situation at the White House, he said that Michelle pointed out that first ladies don’t get paid. “There is clearly not equal pay in the White House, when it comes to her and me,” Obama stated. He also blamed Republicans for blocking the Paycheck Fairness Act. He said that men and women getting paid the same amount for doing the same job “should be a no brainer.”

President opened the event as usual, pointing at the results of his leadership. The Affordable Care Act, clean energy advancements and some jobs caused positive reactions coming from the audience. Besides this, Obama also spoke about his middle class economics budget proposal. Its main targets are single moms and working women, who can benefit a lot from this program.

Reactions from others came immediately. John Boehner’s office e-mailed: “U.S. households with average incomes – the 20% taking in between $49,086 and $84,055 to be exact, would have increased tax bills if the President’s budget was approved,” was written in the e-mail titled “Presidents Obama’s Middle Class Economics’ Trick.”

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