“Never Again” - Scott Baio Compares Nordstrom’s Dropping of Ivanka to The Holocaust

Avid Trump supporter and actor Scott Baio attacked Nordstrom in a tweet over the weekend for discontinuing Ivanka Trump’s Line of products, and borrowed a slogan used by Jews who were prisoners in Nazi concentration camps to voice his sentiment.

The “Charles in Charge” star shared a copy of his wife’s reward summary that she accumulated over the year of 2016 at the retailer, showing that they bought over $30,000worth of products from the store.

“NEVER AGAIN!” Baio wrote, referencing to the handles of the Trump family and his wife.

“Never again” was something the Jewish resistance fighter said often while fighting in the Nazi Warsaw Ghetto, and became known as their slogan well before it became the official motto of the Jewish Defense League.

Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel says it became “more than a slogan” after the war.

“It’s a prayer, a promise, a vow,” Wiesel wrote. “There will never again be hatred, people say. Never again jail and torture. Never again the suffering of innocent people, or the shooting of starving, frightened, terrified children. And never again the glorification of base, ugly, dark violence. It’s a prayer.”