Monica Crowley: “Obama Is Leaking All Of The Information On Hillary To The FBI”

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons


When it comes to “Machiavellian, dark politics,” Bill and Hillary Clinton may have met their match in Barack Obama, declared Monica Crowley, Fox News analyst and online opinion editor at the Washington Times, speaking during a radio interview Sunday. Crowley penned two recent opinion pieces at the Washington Times alleging Obama is the driving force behind the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server as a way to sabotage her campaign and replace the 2016 Democratic front runner with a different candidate.

Crowley expounded on her theory on “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” broadcast on New York’s AM 970 The Answer and Philadelphia’s News Talk 990 AM and online. “The Clintons have always been the best at Machiavellian, dark politics,” Crowley told Klein. “We’ve known that for 20 years. However, in Barack Obama they have met their match. And not only met their match. But I think he has surpassed them.

“I think the Clintons have gravely underestimated Barack Obama and Valerie Jarrett, who is his shadowy hatchet gal. Look, no investigation under Barack Obama goes forward unless Barack Obama wants it to go forward.” “I think in this political death match I would put my money on Obama, but the Clintons will certainly not go down without a fight,” the pundit said.

Crowley explained to the radio audience why she believes Obama is trying to derail Clinton’s presidential campaign. “Number one, he is not a Democrat,” she said. “He is a Marxist revolutionary who has used the Democratic Party as a vehicle to get elected to import his revolution straight into the United States directly from the White House.”

“The other part of that, the logical next step, the extension of that is that Barack Obama therefore sees everything in political terms…because the revolution has to continue.” Crowley recalled numerous reports describing what became a politically ugly primary race in 2008 in which both candidates investigated and heavily attacked each other.

“There’s been a lot of bad blood between the Clintons and the White House ever since,” she added. “Why did Barack Obama choose her as secretary of state in the first term? Friends close. Enemies closer. He could keep an eye on her. But Hillary Clinton escaped that noose by creating her own private email server, her private email and her own private, secret rogue national security apparatus being run by Sid Blumenthal.”

Crowley continued: “Barack Obama’s no. 1 objective, Aaron, is to maintain the Obama revolution. What he called the fundamental transformation of the nation back in 2008. He has largely succeeded over the last seven years. He has got to make sure that he has a successor who will continue that revolution. A successor he can control and somebody guaranteed not to investigate the last eight years.”

“That is not Hillary Clinton. He cannot control Bill and Hillary Clinton. Okay. He cannot control them or rely on them not to reverse some of the things that he has done. Therefore she has got to be side-lined and eliminated from this race. How best to do that? An FBI investigation into her alleged mishandling of classified material.”