Kerry: “The Iran Deal Is Secure Because We Can Trust China And Russia For Information”

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


Secretary of State John Kerry stated, “If we do the right job of inspecting, and Israel, and the gulf states, and we and our friends, France, Germany, Britain, China, Russia all are doing the right level of intelligence gathering, believe me, we will know what Iran is doing,” on a recent broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.”

Kerry was asked,” Does this deal not encourage Sunni Arab states, especially the Saudis, and the UAE, possibly Egypt, Turkey, to join the arms race?” He answered,” I don’t believe so. In fact, Joe, I really believe the fastest way to a genuine arms race in the Middle East is not to have this agreement. Because if you don’t have this agreement, Iran has already made clear what its direction is. And that is a direction that is only slowed down or stopped by this agreement.”

“In other words, if there are no inspections, if there’s no regime by which they have to roll back their current program, if there is no insight to their program day to day, if we don’t have the additional 150 inspectors going into Iran, if we don’t have requirements under international law that they have to allow us access to be able to inspect a suspicious site, that is what will provoke each of those nations to say, ‘Uh-oh, these guys are free and moving in a direction we know. Therefore, we have to rush to do it.’”

“It is precisely the opposite of what former Vice President [Cheney] said. It is because we have this agreement fully implemented, and I emphasize, fully implemented. If this agreement is in place, we will know to a certainty what Iran is doing. And that precludes any necessity for any of those countries to proceed forward, to chase a weapon on their own. That’s why more than 100 nations that have come out, and taken a position on this, say this is a good agreement, and they support it, and only one nation is opposed.”