Katrina Pierson: Trump Is Flip-Flopping On Immigration Because He Doesn’t Want To Be Like Obama”

PhotoCredit: FoxNews

Donald Trump surrogate Katrina Pierson went on Fox News on Saturday do defend Trumps apparent switch on immigration policies claiming it was because he didn’t want to be Like President Barack Obama.

She was asked why Trump’s “clear” immigration stance suddenly became “complicated” over the past few days.

“Well it is not really complicated,” she replied. “Mr. Trump is simply trying to have a discussion about what needs to happen and what he wants to do. He has said many times in many rallies that he doesn’t want to be like Barack Obama and start signing executive orders, and he will have to work with Congress to get some of the more complex things done. But his overall message has not changed. There is no path to citizenship. There is no path to — those here illegally will have to leave.”

Trump has built his campaign around his hardline stance on immigration reform and promised to build a “deportation force” that will kick out the 11 million illegal immigrants from the country. He also promised to build a wall along the Mexican border and make Mexico pay for it. But in the past few days, Trump said he is willing to “soften” his policies.

Pierson, however, claims that Trump is not changing his policies, but merely using different words.  “He’s just not using those words anymore, and he does want to work with people, which is why he said that in order to get this process done,” she remarked.