Journalism? Alex Witt: “Speculation Helps Get Us Through These Times”

Photo Credit: Flicker

When MSNBC host Alex Witt talked about the Saturday night explosion in New York that left 29 people injured, she insisted that “speculation helps us get through.”

Jim Cavanaugh, a former ATF agent, explained to Witt that a pressure cooker bomb “íf that’s what it was” did not do as much damage as the perpetrators hoped to because they miscalculated the size of the blast.

Cavanaugh, however, suggested that a second “bomb on 27th street” could have “been much more devastating” if it worked and “if it’s a real device.”

“I can’t thank you enough,” Witt replied. “I think that Jimmy put it very aptly. You guys are able to bring your expertise to our broadcast and let us know what’s going on and speculation helps get us through these times.”