Jesus Commands Glenn Beck Not To Vote For Trump

PhotoCredit: Wikimedia Commons

Glenn Beck went on his show last night and told his audience that he couldn’t, in good consciousness, vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. He said that if Jesus were here today, He would warn Beck against voting for either one.

Beck claims that he does not “think there are enough people in America that are righteous” enough to deserve God’s protection or blessings over this country. He wants to live a righteous life and doesn’t feel like he could do that if he voted for a candidate that is not righteous.

“That’s why I can’t vote for Hillary and I can’t vote for Donald,” Beck said. “I know they’re unrighteous. I know if Jesus were standing here, he would look at me and I would say, ‘Which one?’ and he’d say, ‘Trust me, just trust me, come with me.’ He would not say, ‘Well, that’s one is better than the other one.’ He would not do it! That’s God! Well, he’s not here … or is he? Or is he?”