Jacob Monty: “No Way Trump Wants To Win The White House, He Just Wants Millions Of Followers”

Jacob Monty, who recently resigned from being a member of Donald Trump’s National Hispanic Advisory Council, wondered if Trump was taking a radical approach to immigration for the purpose of building a nativist media empire after tanking the general election.

After misleading many to think that he might take a softer approach to immigration reform, Trump doubled down on his hardline rhetoric, causing several top Hispanic advisors in his campaign to resign.

“After I heard that, there was no way I could continue to be part of a prop apparatus for Mr. Trump,” Monty told MSNBC on Thursday. “So, I resigned. And it’s a sad day because I am no fan of Hillary Clinton.”

When Monty was asked why he thinks Trump reiterated his inhumane immigration policies, he said that the Republican presidential nominee probably “listens to whoever talks to him last.”

“The other possibility is that maybe he does not want to win,” he added. “Maybe this is a media play. And I feel serious about that.”

“You can usually count on someone’s self-preservation instincts,” Monty explained. “Not only is this the right thing to do, this is the only way that he can win the White House. And that he didn’t follow it suggests to me that maybe winning is not part of the game plan. Maybe this is part of a media play where he wants to create a media empire that will focus on the millions nativists that believe that the country needs to control immigration.”

“And if that’s his play, it will be good and he’ll have millions of followers. But he won’t win the presidency.”