Internet Goes Crazy over Trump’s Gangster Photo: “Pope And Melania Looks Like They Are Held Against Their Will”


In a recent meeting between Pope Francis and President Donald Trump and several of his family members, one couldn’t help but notice the contrast the grinning president and grim expression on the pope’s face.

Trump was smiling in just about every picture that was taken with the Pope, who’s glum stare also stayed constant. The black veils Ivanka Trump and first lady Melania Trump wore gave social media users extra ammo as they mocked the pictures of the visit:

@GeorgeTakei: Who died? Oh yes. DEMOCRACY.

@Marmel: Pope stiffens in anticipation of possible lightning strike as he stands near the living embodiment of all that is unholy.#TrumpVatican

@fenchurchly: The 30 seconds of Trump forcing a smile and the Pope looking down was one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever seen

@AlbertBurneko: is there some reason why ivanka and melania are dressed for a sicilian funeral?

@evepeyser: sopranos reboot looks weird

@annamerlan: I’ll totally watch this gritty BBC drama about a corrupt undertaker & his weird goth lackeys locked in a power struggle with a rural priest