Hypocrisy: Trump Towers Trying TO Attract Chinese Investors

Photo Credit:  FlickerPhoto Credit: Flicker

Donald Trump’s double standards have come under the spotlight on so many occasions, such as the instance he criticized Chinese trade practices, at the same time utilizing cheap labor from the same country to carry his clothing lines forward. Another debacle is in the brew as Trump has once again been cited for his hypocritical philosophy. This time around, Bloomberg News, have revealed a video styled against the popular ‘’Sopranos’’ TV show in which a prospective New Jersey Trump tower is being promoted to Chinese investors.

In a virtual tour of the city, potential financiers get to see where the proposed tower will be placed. Different angles of the building are presented, to the background music of the theme song to the ‘’Sopranos’’ show, ‘’Woke Up This Morning.’’

The Republican presidential hopeful previously condemned immigration permits that would be necessary to make such a project possible. He is on record as stating that visa provisions for skilled immigrants were one of the proponents of the ‘’disastrous’’ immigration practices that ‘’destroyed our middle class.’’ He had nothing but harsh words for the Asian republic, saying, ‘’They’ve taken our jobs, they’ve taken our money, they’ve taken everything.’’

It thus came as a surprise on Thursday, that Trump made a u – turn on his earlier remarks, stating that he had since had a change of heart regarding the visa issue. There is a good chance that this new dispensation is a direct result of the politician having successfully raised a fortune by way of the EB – 5 visa scheme, of which most applicants are predominantly Chinese.

It is the argument, held by New York developers, that the EB – 5 scheme is a necessary tool for generating employment in the US. In spite of this perceived benefit, both Congress and Homeland Security have queried the merits of the process given that most submissions made by applicants are not processed thoroughly.

To date, the US Immigration Fund claims that a Toronto building owned by Trump came up with a total of $50 million to be used for development, of which almost a quarter came by the way of credit facilities advanced through the EB – 5 program.