Holy Crap! Someone Who Works With The White House is Admitting It’s All Falling Apart

In light of the dumping of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, an informal adviser to President Donald Trump’s administration lamented the sad state of affairs at the White House after seven months by calling it a “failure.”

According to the Washington Post, the abrupt departures of Priebus and Press Secretary Sean Spicer — both with strong links to the Republican Party — is reminiscent of  the “Red Wedding,” a reference to a famous blood-bath scene in HBO’s “Games of Thrones.”

Another conservative who provides advice to the White House was downright fatalistic about the continuing tribulations of a Trump administration beset by scandals, FBI investigations, an uncontrollable president and back-stabbing among staffers.

“I think any observer — including one that did not speak English and knew nothing about politics and came from another planet and solar system — could, after observing the situation in the White House, realize the White House is failing,” explained the advisor.

“And when the White House is failing, you can’t replace the president,” the fearful conservative added.