Gun Rights Activist Shot By Her 4 Year – old Son

Karma may actually exist if recent events are anything to go by. This follows, the shooting and injury of a pro – gun social media activist, as she was driving.

The firearms  advocate, Jamie Gilt happened to be driving a pickup vehicle which was towing a horse trailer at around 3 p.m. Her son, who was settled in the back seat, found a way to get hold of a .45 – caliber pistol, shooting her. Gilt was left writhing in pain, in the car which was idling along a Florida 20 travel lane. At this point, a Putnam County sheriff’s deputy, caught a glimpse of her and came to the wounded lady’s rescue.

Though Gilt sustained a bullet wound to her torso, she is set to make a full recovery. The deputies found the child, unstrapped but are still to determine if he was secured to a booster seat, when the incident occurred.

It is ironic that the Jacksonville resident is a huge fan of guns and makes her opinions about Second Amendment rights  well known via social media. She is also a renowned Ted Cruz enthusiast, peddling racially prejudiced propaganda. As fate would have it, she actually bragged that her, ‘’4 – year old gets jacked up to target shoot the .22’’ as a comment to an earlier post she had put up, where she insinuated that  having a gun was a better solution to a burglary than contacting the police.

Gilt has a Facebook page known as, ‘’Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense,’’ which in light of the shooting, has been inundated with unforgiving posts. The investigation into the events that led to the injury of Gilt is still ongoing and it is possible that the Jacksonville woman could be prosecuted over the unfortunate incident.

Captain Joseph Wells, from the Putnam County Sheriff’s Office explained, ‘’Those questions center around how is the fire arm secured? Where was it carried in the vehicle? And exactly how did the young boy come in possession of the firearm?’’