Greg Gutfeld Accuses Trump Of Stealing His Great Ideas From Fox News

PhotoCredit: FoxNews

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld claimed on Monday that Donald Trump learned how to act like a conservative by watching Fox News.

“I think immigration and terror and race and law and order has been the staple of Fox News for 10 years,” Gutfeld said on Outnumbered. “All he did was watch Fox News.”

Gutfeld said that Trump learned how to hit on all the conservative talking points by “boiling it down to phrases that create novelties in the media.”

Fox News co-host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery revealed that the Republican presidential nominee’s sound bite-style policies were so elementary that they don’t have the same effect during the general election. He now has to backtrack and create “vastly different” policies than what he first promised.

“When you start something that simple it is almost impossible to get people to complexify what you have made so simple,” she observed.